Are you looking to bring your child to the next level in basketball? You came to the right place...

Go Hard or Go Home is a combined effort of two experienced basketball players here to help your child become a better basketball player. We offer personal and group training for boys and girls of all ages and skill levels.

We want to make a better basketball player out of your child. We provide conditioning, drills and workouts to make sure they are in top shape for their game. We also work on dribbling, shooting, defensive moves and work hard on the fundamentals. We will make sure every child has an understanding of the game for the mental preparation that is needed. We believe in building confidence in kids for themselves and for their basketball skills.

 Going to numerous local high school and middle school games, we see many players who are lacking the fundamental skills of basketball. With basic fundamentals, any kid can go far. It doesn't matter who you play for, whether it is AAU, a local travel league, a D1 or a D3 school, if you are good, they will find you.  


There is a mentality today among many people that everyone should get a trophy. We don't believe in that. Kids need to learn how to deal with adversity and learn that you can't win all the time. We need to instill in our kids that if you work hard and play hard future success will come their way. So that is why we decided to offer our services.  We believe that every kid should have a dream in becoming a better basketball player as well as a better person,  We also believe a kid who dreams and has goals are less likely to get into trouble. 

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