​Come see us!

Currently we each coach a boys travel basketball team. If you would like to come see us in action, check in during the regular season for game dates. Some of the kids on our teams have been training with us for over two years. Please note: this website and our services are not affiliated with GBTB and CMYBL.

Coach Hicks 

Coach Hicks currently volunteers as an Assistant Coach at Murdock High School, as well as coaching numerous teams for his Future Hoops AAU program. The Future Hoops has had amazing growth with over 100 boys and girls from the area participating and 10 teams this past spring. Check them out at www.thefuturehoops.net.


Coach Kirkland 

Coach Kirkland continues to focus on his teams with The Future Basketball Program. The Future has had amazing growth over the past few years with over 100 area boys and girls and 10 teams this past spring. Check them out at www.thefuturehoops.net.